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Reduce operational costs using
AI and ChatGPT

Automate internal processes. Saving time for your employees and money for you.

How it works

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Schedule a free 30 minute AI audit

We analyze how AI can overcome growth bottlenecks and reduce costs in your business.

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Get an “AI-ify Your Business” report

Get a short document outlining key ways AI tools can resolve your pain points.

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Kick-off + let’s get to work

We start building. AI and ChatGPT means we can do this 100x faster than before.

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Results within one week

We move fast. So you will see results within one week. That’s a promise.

We are AI experts but we speak your language

No convoluted jargon. We talk like business owners because we are business owners ourselves.

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What we do

We have built products like  these for clients like you in in less than a week.

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Optimize processes

We identify patterns, trends, and anomalies. Improve your pipeline of candidates, shorten the time to recruit a candidate, and allow your HR team to spend time on the most valuable parts of their work.

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Content Creation

We save clients tens of thousands of dollars by creating content with AI. Examples include:

  • Marketing materials
  • Blog posts
  • Social media updates
  • Onboarding materials
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HR Automation

Automate onboarding and other HR tasks. Our tools streamline employee onboarding, leave requests, and policy inquiries.

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Lead Generation

Identify qualified leads and equip your sales team with highly relevant information for outreach. Finding contact details for a qualified lead and generating a personalized email outreach.

Our Clients

Pricing Plans to Suit Your Needs

We have two pricing options

A la carte

Get a custom solution for your operational needs. Choose what you need, pay for what you select. Flexibility and customization at your fingertips.

Fixed monthly

Get a dedicated AI engineer. They are available to meet as often as you want and work exclusively on delivering your projects

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Testimonials that speak volumes

“Innovex AI meticulously analyzed the problems we had, suggested different ways that could address them using AI and developed tools to solve them that, even I, a non tech guy can understand and use. The positive impact on our business has been tremendous. I am extremely grateful for their outstanding work."


Chief Executive Officer

"Choosing Innovex AI was one of the best decisions we made in years for our business. Right from the initial consultation, their team displayed a remarkable level of expertise and knowledge and most important of all - they are great to work with!”


Chief Executive Officer

“The Free AI audit was super helpful. The guys were immediately able to identify 3 ways that AI could help automate manual tasks that my sales team were currently doing, saving them countless hours.”


Chief Business Officer

“They really took the time to understand our unique challenges. We find it so difficult - almost impossible - to manually update our resume databases but they crafted a tailored AI solution that automates the process for us. We cant believe how effective it is – massively exceeding our expectations!”


VP of HR

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